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Embrace the Excitement: Events and Festivals in Wilmington, NC

Posted on 08 May, 2020 at 05:49 am - by Isla Coventry

Embracing the Vibrant Event Scene of Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina, is not only known for its captivating coastal beauty but also for its vibrant event scene that offers a wide array of experiences throughout the year. From cultural celebrations to lively festivals, the city's event calendar is packed with exciting activities for locals and visitors alike.

Celebrating the Arts at the Azalea Festival

The North Carolina Azalea Festival is a highlight of Wilmington's event calendar and has been celebrated for over 70 years. Held annually in the spring, this multi-day festival showcases the region's blooming azaleas and offers a wide range of activities for all ages. From live concerts and art shows to garden tours and street fairs, the Azalea Festival embraces the spirit of the city and highlights its rich cultural heritage.

Immersing in History at the Cape Fear Highland Games

The Cape Fear Highland Games, held each spring, invite visitors to step into the world of Scottish heritage and traditions. This lively event features highland dancing, bagpipe competitions, athletic games, and Celtic music performances. Witness the grace and skill of dancers, listen to the stirring sounds of bagpipes, and cheer on the athletes as they compete in traditional Scottish sports.

Indulging in Food and Fun at the Riverfest

For a weekend of food, music, and entertainment, the annual Riverfest is not to be missed. This popular festival takes place in downtown Wilmington, attracting both locals and visitors. Explore a variety of food vendors offering delicious treats, listen to live music performances, and participate in fun activities for the whole family. The grand fireworks display over the Cape Fear River is the perfect finale to the festivities.

Getting Spooky at the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

For those seeking a spine-tingling experience, the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington offers an intriguing journey into the city's haunted history. Led by knowledgeable guides, this walking tour takes you through the streets of downtown Wilmington, sharing ghost stories and legends associated with historic landmarks. Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere as you learn about the city's paranormal past.

  • The North Carolina Azalea Festival celebrates the region's blooming azaleas and offers a variety of activities for all ages.
  • The Cape Fear Highland Games immerse visitors in Scottish heritage and traditions with highland dancing, bagpipe competitions, and athletic games.
  • Riverfest in downtown Wilmington is a weekend of food, music, entertainment, and a grand fireworks display.
  • The Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington offers a spooky journey into the city's haunted history with guided tours through historic downtown.


Wilmington, NC, is a city that knows how to celebrate and embrace the excitement of life. The vibrant event scene offers a diverse range of experiences, from the cultural festivities of the Azalea Festival to the thrilling Scottish traditions of the Cape Fear Highland Games. Whether you're indulging in food and fun at Riverfest or exploring the city's haunted past on the Ghost Walk, Wilmington's events and festivals promise to immerse you in the lively atmosphere and showcase the city's unique spirit.

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